Crosspoint Associates is in the market to buy properties that need a little TLC throughout New England and into Eastern New York.

We are known for transforming troubled properties into viable real estate and replacing blighted buildings and shopping centers with pleasing new developments. We are always looking to grow our portfolio and are actively looking for new opportunities. If you are considering a sale or looking for a joint-venture partner on a property that meets our investment criteria, call us or fill out the form below. For additional examples of what we look to acquire, please visit our portfolio.

Our investment parameters for consideration:

Location: New England
Property Type: Retail, Office and Mixed Use (Retail/Residential or Retail/Office)
Target Deal Size: $5–$120 Million
Anticipated Leverage: 60%–75% LTV
Minimum Target Return: 8%–15%
Projected Hold Period: Short or long term; deal specific



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